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Safari free download for windows 7


Safari 5.1.7

Best Web Browser For Your Computer

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Safari 5.1.7

Safari Review:

 Web browser is one of the most important software. It lets you connect to the web. With a browser, you can visit various websites. Hence, every computer has a web browser It is important that you use an effective web browser that does its work in the best possible way. Safari browser is one of the most used browsers in many countries. This Apple product is known for its quality. It is easy to use and has innovative design.

 Features Of Safari

 Safari is better than any other browser you have ever used. This creatively designed product from Apple has the trademark of this amazing company. You will experience the beauty of this browser as soon as you start using it. You will see the easy and effortless transition between multiple tabs. You can view websites easily with this browser. Since Safari is enhanced and has all the new features, you can see the difference between this browser and other browsers. Safari is designed with excellence. It does not hang even if you use it to view many websites at the same time. It handles data transfer in a proficient manner. You will get seamless browsing experience with this browser. 

 More About Safari

 Safari browser is used on many operating systems. Apart from Mac, it can also be used on Windows systems. Safari supports Windows XP, Vista and many other versions. Hence, you can use this browser without any issues on your system. You can get this browser for free on the web.
- Easy to use.
- Well designed to suit all your needs.
- Compatible with various plugins and other software.
- Well designed.
- Uses less space of your system since it is of about 37 MB only.

 Choosing Safari Over Other Browsers

 Although there are many browsers available, Safari has a lot more to offer than others. You will be impressed with its design and other features. You can browse various websites at the same time with this software. You can read documents, watch videos and listen to songs using this browser. You can also use it to download various things from the web. You will like the colors and brightness of this browser. Hence, you should surely use this software. There are millions of people who prefer this browser over others. Not just Apple users, but people using other platforms also enjoy using Safari.

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OS Support: Win2003, Win2000, Win7 x64, WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win8 x32, Win8 x64,

Size 36.711Mb

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License: Freeware

Date added: 21 Apr 2015

Last Update: 21 Apr 2015

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